Mandalay Yoma: leading solar energy in Myanmar

Leading rural electrification in Myanmar

  • Off-grid solar farms providing electricity to remote areas
  • Improvement of community livelihood
  • Enhancement of local businesses
  • Close collaboration with Myanmar Department of Rural Development (DRD)
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Implementing solar solutions for commercial & industrial projects

  • Customized solar power solutions designed for customer needs
  • Quick installation by expert technicians
  • Industry-leading warranties
  • Quality Operation & Maintenance services
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Consulting & Research

  • Market and strategic analysis
  • Financial, technical and regulatory due diligences
  • Project development assistance
  • Construction and operation monitoring
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Making a real difference for your factory

Together, bring renewables to Myanmar!

Developing the sustainability and quality of energy access

Implementing mini-grids across villages

Combining global expertise and local experience

Since 1993

How we started

After working in Myanmar across sectors, we realized that electricity & agriculture were going to shape the fundamentals of a newly opened country and both sectors had lagged behind the regional averages with the former also inhibiting growth in the latter.

  • Myanmar has over 60,000 villages and most are without any access to electricity. This is coupled with one of the lowest population densities which makes decentralization of energy much more attractive.
  • Myanmar has the advantage of learning the mistakes of other nations and also leveraging the technological innovations which have brought about reductions in clean energy.
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Off-Grid Solar Systems under development

The most customized and reliable solutions on the market



Low cost of electricity enabling high savings versus national grid and diesel fuel expenditure.



PV panels can be mounted on the roof or ground depending on the site profile.



Self-generation of electricity, independent from national grid.



Customized system design based on electricity consumption.



Our quality design & equipment ensures peace of mind with almost no maintenance requirements.



We offer CAPEX, Lease-To-Own or Power-Purchase-Agreement options.

An end-to-end solution


Engineering expertise and tools

Our engineering team uses the best available softwares on the market so that the customized solution we implement perfectly fits our customersneeds


Helioscope: American solar design software

  • 3D representation of the system
  • Precise prediction of energy production taking into account: electrical components, PV layout, temperature effects, cable losses, shading
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Homer Energy: #1 worldwide solar prediction system

  • 25 years of weather data
  • Software runs 25 years of system simulation
  • Give precise prediction on energy & fuel consumption – O&M costs, lifetime of components

Technical and priviledge partnerships

Mandalay Yoma uses top quality component from the most reliable suppliers.

Jinko Solar has been selected to provide poly and multi-crystalline PV panels, along with inverters from ABB, SMA, Schneider or equivalent with remote monitoring.For mountings, Schletter mountings are used to guarantee top quality durability of the solar systems.

  • Best international suppliers (Germany, Switzerland, China, India…).
  • Highest quality components of the market.
  • Long-term warranties for each components.
  • MoU signed with ABB, SMA, Jinko.

Engie is one of the world’s biggest electricity utility companies.

The global expertise of Engie combined with Mandalay Yoma’s local experience is key to accelerate Myanmar’s rural electrification!

Rural projects

Sei Taw:

Biggest off-grid solar power units in Yinmarbin, Sagaing region, Myanmar:
110kWp + 240kWh

Sa Par Yin Htwin:

Off-grid solar power units in Thayet, Magway region, Myanmar:
55kWp + 160kWh

See all our rural projects in our portfolio!

C&I projects

Biggest Industrial Solar Rooftop in Mandalay, Myanmar:


Hotel rooftop in Yenangyaung, Myanmar:

29 kWp +50kWh

See all our C&I projects in our portfolio!

Nathalie Risteau

Director, HR & ER (2)

Sergey Gornostaev


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Min Min

Director, Rural electrification (16)

Aung San

 Manager, Operational Reporting & NPT Office (2) copie

Alberto Jeronimo

Head, Solar Engineering

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