Rural electrification

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C&I projects



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Electrifying communities

We believe in making difference.

We have designed a mini-grid model for communities in remote areas to have full access to electricity 24/7.

Life-changing electricity.

Communities can now enjoy better performance in producing and business-making thanks to access to electricity, and to the use of machinery. This electricity can improve community livelihoods.

Community participation.

This is the core of our mini-grid model. Understanding needs, fixing targets & budget jointly with the community will help us design the system each community need. We involve the community in the set up of the project so that operations and maintenance can be handle locally.

Commercial & Industrial projects

The electricity you need at any time.

The Mandalay Yoma mini-grid solution is a modular Energy Storage System (ESS) and serves several applications. As a result, the consumer gets uninterrupted power supply, independent of the grid. It provides a real three phase grid with stable voltage & frequency while allowing integration of conventional (e.g. Diesel) or Grid with renewable (e.g. PV) energy sources. The system offers a project specific energy management function.

In addition, our systems have enough rate power and energy storage capacity for you to work and develop your business safely.

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schéma on grid

Prevent your businesses from outage.

Contrary to the national grid, off-grid systems are perfectly reliable and not subjected to outages.

A cost-saving solution.

Price of PV modules dropped down during the last decade and therefore PV system total costs strongly decreased.

At the same time, Myanmar electricity prices are increasing and grid outages as well.

A long-term sustainable energy solution.

Our financial models have made their proofs. Our solution is made to fit perfectly with your business particularities and it also benefits the environment!

An end-to-end solution


We have developped multiple financial models to help you maximize your ROI

  1. CAPEX: Your company invests directly in the system and starts saving money right away!
  2. LTO (Lease-to-Own): MY leases the system to the customer for 5-8 years and then transfers the ownership. We cover O&M during the lease period.
  3. PPA (Power Purchasing Agreement): MY sells electricity to the customer for 15-25 years at an agreed tariff. Our team takes care of O&M services.
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You want a solar power system for your company? Make an easy simulation to anticipate the potential power, costs and savings!


A long-standing experience.

Mandalay Yoma’s engineering teams are highly qualified with extensive local and international experience in solar energy.

A customized solution.

There can be a larger number of possible configurations for a given site. Our engineering team has the capability to find the best configuration for each site and design the most appropriate and cost-effective system.

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We advise you on renewable energy

Mandalay Yoma provides Renewable energy consulting services for companies looking for opportunities in the Myanmar energy and environmental services markets.

Market Analysis
• Detailed analysis of energy demand and supply for all energy sources and sectors.
• Analysis of energy supply options including technical, financial, geopolitical and other relevant elements.
• Elaboration of energy feasibility studies.
• Due diligence studies (financial, contractual and technical)
• Construction and operation monitoring
• Contractual reviews
• Energy yield analysis and irradiation studies
• Feasibility studies
• Project development assistance
• Technology assessments

You want to talk about your project? Just let us know!